Purple Rain Ride Through Atlanta Ga Beltline



The week after Prince performed surprisingly his last live shows the Atlanta and world will ever get to see.

While playing When Doves Cry this live version specifically I thought about the feeling of a rush of a cold burning realization. I could never say I’ll get to the next Prince live set.

I needed to treat myself to a ride on the Atlanta Belt Line with this going off at some part deep into the mileage and playlist.


It continues to rain into the Georgia night the week after he gave us everything to enhance our living just for us to feel for tomorrow and he could have used a moment to a different pace.

A good ride was exactly what the body and mind needed to give it the boost needed to perform the way I want to push it. Pedaling out Saturday and all I can do is be strengthened by the playlist he provided the world. Manic 

Night Rider


Traveling through the night whether through a bright lit city or windy mountain under the moon roads has always given me a feeling of thinking and dreaming and deep appreciation for the life and longing for the next day. I rode a charter bus Atlanta under the night sky during a tour weekend. I started to get the feeling of angst when going into this same deep thought for wanting to feel comfortable enough to fully breathe in this inspiring night outside the glass of the bus and inside the midnight sky.

Safety in general is not promised to us. We understand this and you must be tamed in your thoughts to know when to harness this energy and use it elsewhere. Riding definitely can free my mind body and spirit providing me comfort when silence is warmth. Air howling is the loudest distraction and that is under my  volume control. Me turning down its volume fully submerges into the night riding on two wheels as quietly as the motor-less tread has been constructed. I don’t want to lament about safety, I want to escape to love for one night and not worry about loved ones worrying whether I will come back in one peace.

With added bike lanes and technological advancements for my safety just being seen as a bike ride into the night, the world still isn’t safe enough for us to ride anywhere without a thought or care. We now ride for something every time we think to strap our helmet and yes we support wearing helmets on this side. It is very cool.

This void doesn’t have to always be filled on a daily basis but taking advantage of that full moon and its different slices is a thought. I’m wearing a helmet but my safety precaution is not falling on the curb on this night. Percentages are higher I get bopped over my head for feeling this free of spirit. The boldness of letting go knowing I’m riding among a world where some don’t want to see you let go so freely and need to tell you about.

Ode to finding a real swell gang of cyclists to form and share this love light up the night and stay on our designated path. Not marathon mileage but just enough and correctly scheduled to sync with sunsets, brightest moons, and sunrises. The schedule would focus around the schedules of our area’s best times for these sun and moon occurrences. And yes we are lit up like that Men In Black Scene, glorious, minding our own, yet loving what’s all of ours.

Steel City Showdown


Here we go, on to the race. This Summer you have loads of options for different cycling competitions and probably have already attempted and experienced them. I have the opportunity to fully engage in this years Pedal Pittsburgh that encourages safe cycling for all. The event is at the end of this month on the 30th for one day only. Lets ride on. I am preparing this ride with some spotty light training with an emergency dentist Pittsburgh that is looking to attempt this 25 mile or 62 mile option route after years off the wheel. Whew, we will finish because that is how much we continue to push ourselves everyday but, it will be our next challenge. Pedal Pittsburgh has fully marked courses through the city’s scenic trail views and best bike friendly roads. Even if we get totally gassed early we can look to be met along the way with full service rest stops. Not too bad for an out of shape doctor and cycle manic.  This fun historic race started in 1994 and has continued since. It allows the rider to choose their own path such as life. The race is the regions top event. Continue reading Steel City Showdown

Cycle Manic Kick It


I know manic is usually overdoing it and frantic but, recognize this energy we have instilled in all us riders since birth we harness this high level energy and when able to expend effort to put forth more to gain more of this wisdom doing so and allow knowledge to direct your processes. It does not have to be the way you think you know now and we know it all only because history, training, and then intense training and preparation. We now know where to dig for the muscle memory strength to continue pedaling in our preparation and openness to mentored guidance traveling. I can still get credit for sitting on my own seat and controlling the ultimate destination and mainly want to attach myself to the uplifting feeling anyway.  Also my own choices, influenced from a credible proven system source.  Verify the course that has seemed to have been laid out for us to marvel at its design but was naturally crafted before our wheels were turning so now we can navigate a swift, if needed, well traveled ride. Enhance the vision of the path’a route and check off each skill prerequisite as you acquire more attributes and learn how to use your chosen model. Yes, it does make you more skillful faster to listen to the right information & utilize the map of course, but apply and learn it now.


Forgotten Past Time


The Forgotten Pastime of Bike Riding for Kids and the Top 5 Places Kid Would Ride to in a Safe World

As soon as you have finally found the perfect bike for your child, you most likely want them to be able to experience a great cycling experience. You garden is somewhat small and your home is absolutely not suitable for a kid bike, so what other choices are there? No matter where you live, you will always find some creative places where you can take your kids to practice on their new bike.

  1. Park – No matter where you live, there need to be a park nearby. You should find these parks, and then have your children bike there. Parks are outstandingly fun because there are always some other children and parents around. If you would want a day out, you may also plan a picnic.
  2. Deserted parking lots –  A Deserted parking lots for Sunday afternoon can be one of the perfect places to have your kids to practice riding a bicycle. You must only take your children there is they already have experience in riding a bicycle. You would not want them to fall hurting themselves.
  3. School – Even though studies show that physical activity is promoting psychological well-being, we do not really need them. We are all remembering the sense of well-being coming from running a ball, pedaling at high speed with their friends, or riding a skateboard. Exercise is releasing chemicals providing a feeling of well-being. Riding to school is giving your children a break from adults. It will empower them as you demonstrate that they will be able to survive without having immediate presence of a parent and it proves that they are able to get themselves anywhere they have to be.
  4. Hallways – You may have found a long hallway in your house. You can have your child start practicing their cycling there during a rainy or snowy weather.
  5. Outdoor trails – you will be able to, easily find hiking trails nearby wherever you live. If you are having the right supplies such as foods and first aid, you would not have any problem taking your kids out for a ride. Adventure biking is perfect for young kids because they love exploring nature. You only need to make sure that there is a responsible adult around all the time. You also need to make sure that you check out the hiking trail before going on it with your kid. You should make sure that the hiking trail is suitable for your child and his kid bike.
  6. Places that you need them to go that aren’t fun for them – Imagine you having to take your child to the dentist but they are putting up a fuss for whatever reason. Letting them be in the control of getting to the destination through a fun bike ride could enhance the hesitant experience. This concept I especially loved while visiting a dentist Raleigh NC, that already had bike racks outside their establishment. Who would have thought?

These five places will be the perfect fit for young kids and their kid bike. The park will be best for sunny day, when you like to spend a day outdoors. Hallways are right for rainy and snowy days. Empty parking lots may be used  when there is no park near you. The hiking trails are ideal for parents who would want to take their kids into nature, and school is perfect for everyday exercise for your kids because they do not have much time n exercise when they start going to school. Wherever you, your child, and his kid bike, just ensure that you are safe all the time.

Creative Bike Trails Around The World


Most Creative Bike Trails for the Biker’s Imagination

Biking may be one of the most exciting and fun activities that you can do. It is not just a great exercise, but it can be a memorable and incredible adrenaline rush. There are so many scenic trekking and hiking trails across the globe, but many of them will enable trail bikes to share a trail with people on foot, since it can be very dangerous to both parties. Biking is a nice adventurous sport that you can enjoy with your friends and family. A dedicated cyclist that I have known for years as a certified Marietta Electrician by day has continued to be apart of the best trails debate, as we continually search for more. It has become a lifestyle for sure. If you are interested in thrilling and adventurous activities, you may organize a biking trip in a wonderful location. You can enjoy this great activity together with a large group. Knowing the most creative bike trails for the imagination of bikers will excite you more for your adventurous biking experience.

Continue reading Creative Bike Trails Around The World