Cycle Manic Kick It


I know manic is usually overdoing it and frantic but, recognize this energy we have instilled in all us riders since birth we harness this high level energy and when able to expend effort to put forth more to gain more of this wisdom doing so and allow knowledge to direct your processes. It does not have to be the way you think you know now and we know it all only because history, training, and then intense training and preparation. We now know where to dig for the muscle memory strength to continue pedaling in our preparation and openness to mentored guidance traveling. I can still get credit for sitting on my own seat and controlling the ultimate destination and mainly want to attach myself to the uplifting feeling anyway.  Also my own choices, influenced from a credible proven system source.  Verify the course that has seemed to have been laid out for us to marvel at its design but was naturally crafted before our wheels were turning so now we can navigate a swift, if needed, well traveled ride. Enhance the vision of the path’a route and check off each skill prerequisite as you acquire more attributes and learn how to use your chosen model. Yes, it does make you more skillful faster to listen to the right information & utilize the map of course, but apply and learn it now.