Night Rider


Traveling through the night whether through a bright lit city or windy mountain under the moon roads has always given me a feeling of thinking and dreaming and deep appreciation for the life and longing for the next day. I rode a charter bus Atlanta under the night sky during a tour weekend. I started to get the feeling of angst when going into this same deep thought for wanting to feel comfortable enough to fully breathe in this inspiring night outside the glass of the bus and inside the midnight sky.

Safety in general is not promised to us. We understand this and you must be tamed in your thoughts to know when to harness this energy and use it elsewhere. Riding definitely can free my mind body and spirit providing me comfort when silence is warmth. Air howling is the loudest distraction and that is under my  volume control. Me turning down its volume fully submerges into the night riding on two wheels as quietly as the motor-less tread has been constructed. I don’t want to lament about safety, I want to escape to love for one night and not worry about loved ones worrying whether I will come back in one peace.

With added bike lanes and technological advancements for my safety just being seen as a bike ride into the night, the world still isn’t safe enough for us to ride anywhere without a thought or care. We now ride for something every time we think to strap our helmet and yes we support wearing helmets on this side. It is very cool.

This void doesn’t have to always be filled on a daily basis but taking advantage of that full moon and its different slices is a thought. I’m wearing a helmet but my safety precaution is not falling on the curb on this night. Percentages are higher I get bopped over my head for feeling this free of spirit. The boldness of letting go knowing I’m riding among a world where some don’t want to see you let go so freely and need to tell you about.

Ode to finding a real swell gang of cyclists to form and share this love light up the night and stay on our designated path. Not marathon mileage but just enough and correctly scheduled to sync with sunsets, brightest moons, and sunrises. The schedule would focus around the schedules of our area’s best times for these sun and moon occurrences. And yes we are lit up like that Men In Black Scene, glorious, minding our own, yet loving what’s all of ours.