Steel City Showdown


Here we go, on to the race. This Summer you have loads of options for different cycling competitions and probably have already attempted and experienced them. I have the opportunity to fully engage in this years Pedal Pittsburgh that encourages safe cycling for all. The event is at the end of this month on the 30th for one day only. Lets ride on. I am preparing this ride with some spotty light training with an emergency dentist Pittsburgh that is looking to attempt this 25 mile or 62 mile option route after years off the wheel. Whew, we will finish because that is how much we continue to push ourselves everyday but, it will be our next challenge. Pedal Pittsburgh has fully marked courses through the city’s scenic trail views and best bike friendly roads. Even if we get totally gassed early we can look to be met along the way with full service rest stops. Not too bad for an out of shape doctor and cycle manic.  This fun historic race started in 1994 and has continued since. It allows the rider to choose their own path such as life. The race is the regions top event. The goal of the annual race is to push and drive awareness throughout the city. Making Pittsburgh bicycle friendly city is the ultimate focus. The race sends the message that they are moving the best seat of the house from in front of your computer chair to your own bike’s seat. They encourage us to get out on our bikes for the health reasons and for the fun and view you get to see.  Competition would be nothing without a prize right? But, the ride itself is what I am most thrilled about having not been in the Pittsburgh area for years now it should be a glorious return to the city.  One of the great things about this annual bike race is that it it harnesses a vision beyond the race.  The push for bikeways is at the forefront with some other additional attributes for world class biking and walking facilities and city construction add-ons. They are already knowledgeable of what these enhancements to any city, let alone the once industrial steel cit, can do. Pedal PGH believes as I do that these enhancements bring more potential visitors and long time residents to the great city. Implementing these bike plans are a tough task and long term goal recognized by this race.  Biking and walking trails and safety can go hand in hand. That is why the focus needs to be adhered to because ultimately we all bike riders or not can benefit from the future updates.