Helmets Are Cool


Helmets are cool

I am a firm believer in influencing all children and kids to do the right thing and having a healthy active lifestyle. Previously I was able to create a list for the top places kids would ride in safe perfect world that does not exist in this day and age. 

Since this perfect world does not exist yet, (no I’m not totally ruling it out) we all must prepare for our own safety every time we walk out of our homes let alone when straddling our two wheels. I have never been one to give into coolness when it comes in between personal health and safety. The concept is harder to grasp when you are in your preteens and maturing. Clicks form, cool kids rule all other drool you know the bit. Safety became a trademark for losers as we strive to live on the edge. We shall overcome.

84% of bicycle deaths occur in ages 20 and older. This is where most start blossoming and begin gravitating toward what is the ultimate cool. Pay attention to your cities bike lane if there is one. Notice some with headphones in ear to protect their mind from outside distractions like the whistle of the wind or traffic noise. Also, backpacks slung behind to accompany them on the ride. Surprisingly, they are a comfortable rider and look to have done this before. But, no helmet as they maneuver throughout traffic. Dangerous move during the Premium Rush. Even the star delivery riders in a metropolitan city of that movie strapped up his head gear before every ride. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt was moving, so rightfully so, he wore his protection.  He is a pretty cool guy over twenty and he was playing a character that was as well.

Now head over to the town popular skate park. They look to promote safety from a full business but its clientele, the riders, not so much. Skatboarders, BMX tricksters may show you the culture that is street riders in extreme sports. More now than ever the helmet is pushed and demonstrated on a mainstream platform.  ESPN X Games you always will see riders supporting their helmets. Got to have a place for your sponsor and endorsements to market right? Sure, and sometime they way these riders land the proof is in the film why the helmet and other protective gear is needed.

Chicks dig scars huh? This was a prominent message to males as I became a man from a young boy . Yes, at times it did prove to be true when you can easily get all the school girls to sign your body cast, but as you grow older you learn the foolishness you are attracted to for no meaning at all. You cannot be cool while hospitalized or dead from the force of a fall without a helmet. You can only live in the reality of that moment if you do get the chance to live. Rehab, Pain, and a natural regret for falling to frivolous inhibitions. Living healthy and staying active is cool. Continuing to ride your bike will always be cool. The helmet saves lives, that’s the coolest point of all. If you use your brain then you should protect it’s contents.