Rooftop Riders


Click here to learn the types of rooftop Danny was riding on in Cascadia and how to prove this was no computer generated imagery.

The evolution of balancing and riding on two wheels has been another beautiful skill building feat of life the human brain has provoked.

One wheel circus acts on tightropes, flipping them in mid air just for the fun of it, and twirling the handle bars and wheels a full 360 degrees and back have even heightened the spirit of life from just getting point A to B.

Don’t we love it!

The trained athletes that make it to these levels of expertise have given a little more meaning to cycle manics. The idea that maybe this exact level of expertise may actually one day be life or death useful is not an unreachable fantasy. The pros behind these wheels prove they will be most ready to lead us to the other side.

They already are taking us there with their next level cycling concepts for the thrill of it.

Watch the second video in big screen cinema format and say you didn’t get goosebumps and chills sent through your body once the back flip was complete down such a treacherous terrain. I believe this is the push from our lives mentally that take us from living to thriving, utilizing the knowledge gained from years of habitual and practiced survival.

  1. Guts(Spirit)
  2. Heart
  3. The ability to remember to always breathe deep

Before there was creation, or the big bang there was the idea of creation. That something must arise from something to have something or someoneĀ going before things. Pretty complex without spirits. To create something from nothing and to believe something and make something happen that maybe isn’t tangible or in real life vision sight yet, only in idea, a belief a spiritual attachment to be.

Spirit can pump the heart slower or faster once connected through creative process. The heart has to being going at a controlled pace to propel the ability to remembering breath. Of course, we all breathe but, to be aware we are is the ultimate gift we must look to treat ourselves. It is this that makes the wheels keep turning for a purpose.